About Us

Meet Leonardo and Alejandra Cerrillo…That’s us:IMG_0659aabus

We are the founders and designers of ‘More Precious Than Silver’.

Both of us were born and raised in Mexico City, we moved to the UK 17 years ago and now live happily here, in Maidenhead with our family.
With past experiences in sales, banking and marketing, we understand much of what makes for a successful business. However, at ‘More Precious Than Silver’, success is not simply about making a profit. It is about providing employment and guaranteed income for our partners in Mexico.

The foundation on which our company is built flows from their strong Christian faith and unwavering commitment to the highest ethical trading standards.

It is about fairness, integrity, non-exploitation and empowerment in every aspect of the process.

Both us and our Artisans do not just have an employer/employee relationship but a strong friendship. This strong relational connection is maintained by regular visits to Mexico where we work to facilitate training, implement design and monitor the manufacture and distribution process.

We both believe that every person is made in the image of God. From the people that craft the jewellery to the people that eventually wear it, our vision is that everyone will know the truth that they truly are More Precious Than Silver.